* Advances in Nonlinear Variational Inequalities is primarily aimed at targeting

high quality (peer-reviewed) research articles on the current and most recent

developments in nonlinear variational/hemivariational problems and their

applications to applied mathematics, economics, mathematical finance,

mathematical programming, optimization and control theory, unilateral

mechanics, partial differential equations, and others.

* Communications is an international journal devoted to publish high quality

(peer-reviewed) investigations in all areas of nonlinear mathematical sciences

(including control theory and optimization), mathematical physics and their

applications - valid mathematical models of great importance and significant

real world problems with some data analysis to academic fields as well as to

the science and industry.

* PanAmerican was founded in 1991, and is aimed at publishing research

investigations (peer-reviewed) in all areas of mathematical sciences. Articles

intended for publication in PanAmerican Mathematical Journal must meet

exceptionally high standard for clarity as well as mathematical content. There

should be a substantial introductory section giving the motivation,

background and significance of the results. The introductory section should

be addressed to a broad spectrum of mathematical audiences. Following the

statement of the results, there should follow complete proofs and applications.


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